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The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.   –pablo picasso

Exploration of Purpose

We will discuss your art interests, budget and time frame to determine the scope of the work. PWAA will use this data to create a personalized proposal for you. ​

Analysis and Proposal

Once we have determined your goals, PWAA will create a proposal that outlines the scope of work. We will identify artists or genres that we want to explore based on your preferences. We will do market research and analyze the data of the current and past market to determine accurate values and fair pricing. 


Art Acquisitions

PWAA has a network of sources from all over the world which we will use to find the best works of art to match your criteria. Along the way, we usually uncover additional gems to share with you. That is one of the exciting and fascinating results of searching for art. This process can involve artist’s studio visits, gallery visits, touring an art fair and browsing upcoming auction collections


PWAA will provide all of the appropriate documentation for works that are acquired. We will provide hardcopies and digital copies for your records which may include:

  • Certificates

  • Provenance

  • Exhibition History

  • Condition reports

  • Auction records/comps

  • Photo documentation

Logistics Management

There are many critical details that require expert attention to manage after a purchase that can determine your satisfaction with the acquisition.

  • Inspection of the art to insure pristine condition

  • Restoration analysis and disclosure (if applicable)

  • Framing consultation

  • Shipping, crating, insurance and delivery

  • Installation

  • Photo documentation for our records


Collection Administration

For those with an established collection, the following services are beneficial:

​   Digital archive of documents




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